Real-person Pronunciation and Translation

All texts are recorded by professional dubbing artists which aid NCS students in breaking through the barriers when understanding Chinese so they experience the pleasure of reading.

Understanding Stories through Animations and Pictures

The text is presented in the form of short stories, comic or animations to make it as vivid and interesting as possible and less resisting for NCS students when learning Chinese.

Diversified E-Learning Activities

In learning activities, students can distinguish the accuracy of their pronunciation by audio recording, video recording, drawing, coloring, and also the voice recognition function. This can enhance students’ interest and effectiveness in learning Chinese, by characters recognition, listening, speaking and reading. They can also check the answers immediately, which fully utilized the benefits of E-learning.

Stroke Order Animation and Writing Practices

All words and phrases in the text include the stroke order and writing practice to provide more opportunities to students in mastering the form, sound and meaning of Chinese characters.

Cross-platform Learning

“Living Chinese”is the teaching material for E-Learning. It is presented as an app which students can access the materials by desktop computers, tablets or smartphones. They can learn anytime, anywhere and gain new insight by revising the previous materials.