Our Vision

Learning Chinese in Hong Kong, non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students are less likely and less able to use Chinese in their daily lives. This Programme is supported by the Language Fund to design a collection of teaching materials for NCS students based on daily life situations in order to enhance their reading and speaking skills, and to encourage NCS parents to read together with their children, helping them learn Chinese on their own. The set of teaching materials is also free for public use.

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About “Living Chinese”

There are 100 sets of interesting comics, animations and picture books which come in a rich range of varieties, including 30 themes and 10 interactive parent-child learning themes. Each theme is divided into three levels with ascending difficulties according to the points of emphasis in language learning, assisting NCS students to learn Chinese. The content includes articles, vocabulary bank, interactive e-learning activities for listening, speaking, reading and writing, experiential learning activities, and comprehensive assessments that allow students to consolidate what they have learned through interactive exercises after reading the stories.

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Me & My Family
My body
Personal hygiene
Eating is my happiness
School life
Social Etiquette
Please Help
Everyday life
Eating out
Experiential Learning
To the library
Hong Kong Science Museum
Buying clothes

Free for download and able to be used
across various platforms

Pronunciation by actual speakers

Animations and illustrations are included
for assisting the comprehension of the story

Oral and written expressions of key words
are provided respectively for comparison

Interactive exercises of listening,
speaking, reading and writing the language

Translation of four languages