Learning Chinese in Hong Kong, NCS students are less likely and less able to use Chinese in their daily lives.


This Programme is supported by the Language Fund to design a collection of teaching materials for NCS students based on daily life situations, and the themes include clothing, food, housing, transportation, public facilities, public entertainment and personal interests, etc.


This provides a chance for them to study the relevant words, vocabularies and sentences, and apply it to practical situations. In addition, this also complements the areas that are arduous to be covered in traditional Chinese language teaching materials, offer more opportunities for students to use Chinese in their daily lives and enhance their abilities for that, develop their social skills, make Chinese a language which they can apply in their daily lives, and narrow down cultural differences, allowing them to integrate more easily into society. Apart from that, this set of teaching materials is suitable to be used as a supplemental teaching materials or extra-curricular reading materials for the Chinese language subject.


While the elementary school students can read together among each other under the guidance of teachers or read with their parents; upper elementary school students can study on their own. At the same time, parents are also encouraged to use the materials to learn together and read together with their children, so as to cultivate a family learning atmosphere and to make Chinese a part of students’ lives.